Friday, 28 January 2011

Getting ready to leave for India - just two weeks to go!

With less than two weeks to go, the four intrepid travellers are getting ready to leave for India. Right now we are all in different parts of the world - Paul, Pauline and Chris are back in the UK and Charlotte is still in the US. But as we prepare for departure, we thought it would be helpful to have a map of our proposed travels in India, so you'll know where we're posting from when we get there.

Udaipur, city of palaces, lakes and flowers
Starting point is Ahmedabad in Gujarat (bottom tag on the map), where Charlotte will meet the other three when they arrive from the UK ... somewhat jet-lagged and with time clocks out of sync since it will be the middle of the night on the Indian clock, but just before midnight British time. From here, we head north to Udaipur to Disha Hospital, to look at the garden and spend some time exploring the magical lake city, filled with palaces, lakes and flowers.

Then it's northwards to Jodhpur (above), Phalodi and finally Jaiselmer, for the Desert Fair which takes place mid-February. This is a first for all of us and we're hoping to see camels and a lot of colour. Plans for the rest of the trip will be made as we go along, but we're planning to see some interesting places ... so watch this space!


  1. So beautiful.

    Hope you all have a lovely time en route to the project.


  2. Thanks for the update and for showing your route - looking forward to enjoying the scenery vicariously. We're rooting for you, for the garden, and for those who will enjoy it! Hope the days before departure go smoothly for you all.