Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Travels through Rajasthan

Just a photo-entry today, as my fellow travellers are sleeping after four exhausting days on Rajasthan roads, but we'll be blogging together later in the week. We've completed the first part of our journey - Paul, Pauline and Chris arrived in Ahmedabad in the middle of last Thursday night (+ 5.5 hours UK time, + 9.5 hours EST) and we drove to Udaipur where we spent three days working on the garden and other projects at Disha.
Pauline and Paul, Chris and Charlotte (on arrival in Udaipur on 10 February)
From Udaipur we travelled north through Jodhpur to Phalodi (see map on previous entry) where we spent the night at an ancient haveli before leaving at dawn to see the cranes being fed at a tiny village in the middle of the desert (more pictures here).
Demoiselle cranes arrive in huge flocks from the desert to be fed by the village people
Travel here is very slow as the roads are extremely congested and lane control doesn't apply, so you can only reckon on driving 25 miles an hour, including highways. Now we are in Jaisalmer, where it is wet and foggy (most unusual for this time of year) and tomorrow sees the start of the Desert Festival.